IAM continues to strengthen cleaning and disinfection of buildings listed as Red Code Zones such as Edf. San Mei On and Edf. Kat Cheong

Publish Date: 18/07/2022

Since this outbreak of pandemic, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has sent staff to the buildings listed as Red Code Zones every night to clean up garbage for the households. Thorough disinfection is even carried out for Edf. San Mei On every two days. Until today (18 July), more than nine tons of domestic waste have been collected in Edf. San Mei On since its lockdown; and about one ton of garbage has been cleared in Edf. Kat Cheong within three days since its lockdown.

However, there are still a lot of miscellaneous objects and garbage discarded in the common spaces of Edf. San Mei On Bloco II and Edf. Kat Cheong such as stairs and yards. IAM urges the households in the Red Code Zones not to litter, and to pay attention to environmental hygiene and place the properly wrapped garbage in front of their doors every night for collection and removal by the staff.

IAM reiterates that the households have the responsibility to maintain the environmental hygiene of the common spaces of the buildings, and should not litter in the corridors, staircases, yards and atriums. In particular, furniture, large electrical appliances and other miscellaneous objects should not be discarded arbitrarily in the common spaces of the buildings. The households are required to stay at home, and pay attention to personal hygiene and hygiene of the living environment in accordance with the pandemic prevention and hygiene guidelines, so as to avoid causing the hazard of spreading the pandemic disease in the community or affecting the overall pandemic prevention work of the community.