IAM, animal protection associations and private veterinarians jointly provide veterinary support for Red Code Zones

Publish Date: 26/07/2022

Since the outbreak of this wave of epidemic, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has continued to provide pet temporary care services for members of the public who are required to undergo medical observation or treatment. From June 19, there are accumulatively 167 animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, birds and tortoises, which have received IAM’s temporary care. Moreover, after coordination and communication with the animal protection associations and private veterinarians in Macao, IAM has previously established a support mechanism of transfer, veterinary support and treatment services for the households in the Red Code Zones that are unable to bring their pets out to seek treatment.

Until July 25, IAM has helped to transfer 8 animals in the Red Code Zones to private veterinarians for receiving examination and treatment in veterinary hospitals, deliver medications to households for their animals and provide other support services. In addition, the private veterinarians, who are in compliance with the requirements of the anti-epidemic guidelines of the health authorities and have worn anti-epidemic protection clothing, are allowed to enter the Red Code buildings and give treatment to the pets of the households.

IAM has organised online explanatory sessions for the participating organisations and distributed anti-epidemic guidelines to them, and has also equipped the relevant working personnel with appropriate protective and disinfecting supplies. The list of private organisations which participate in provision of veterinary support has been uploaded to IAM’s Macao Animal Health Control Website https://www.iam.gov.mo/canil/e/info/default.aspx. For enquiries, the public may call IAM at 2833 7676 or contact the private organisations on the list.