Subsistence Team provides appropriate meals for elderly in Fai Fu Building

Publish Date: 06/07/2022

This morning (July 6), the Subsistence Team carried out whole-building screening for Fai Fu Building, a social housing estate for the elderly in Fai Chi Kei, and delivered breakfast, food packs and other supplies to the residents.

A total of 556 elderly residents live in Fai Fu Building, most of whom live alone. Considering the need to strike a balance between health and taste in the diet of the elderly, the Subsistence Team specially provides softer and easier-to-chew foods for them. The rice in the hot meals is softer; the bread is mainly salty; the food packs come with ready-to-eat salty oatmeal, etc., to meet the dietary needs of the elderly. For some elderly residents who need special care, special meals are provided by the Social Welfare Bureau.

In addition, during the whole-building screening, the Subsistence Team tried to call the contact numbers provided by the elderly on the spot to ensure that the numbers are correct for keeping in touch with the elderly during the lockdown period.

Besides hot meals, the Subsistence Team will also provide the elderly with vegetables and frozen meat food packs if they would like to cook by themselves.