Flora Park to be closed this Sunday for replacement of main cables of Guia Hill Cable Car

Publish Date: 26/05/2022

The Guia Hill Cable Car operation has been suspended as the main cables have been worn out. Construction works to replace them are scheduled to begin this Sunday (May 29). The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) endeavours to launch the service again in July after the completion of the replacement works, adjustments and trials. To minimise the impact on the school next to Flora Park and ensure public safety, the replacement works of main cables will be carried out this Sunday and Flora Park has to be closed on that day. In addition, part of the area of the top station of the cable car located in Guia Hill Municipal Park also has to be enclosed. The public are reminded to pay attention to the above arrangements.

The total length of the cables of Guia Hill Cable Car is about 450 metres. In the annual maintenance inspection last year, the main cables were found to be worn out, and replacement of the cables is necessary. To ensure the safety of the cable car system, the cable car service has been suspended. The connection of the replaced main cables has to be carried out by the professional technicians sent by the manufacturer of the cables and a safety certificate can only be issued after the connection procedure is completed and the cable car is confirmed to meet the technical requirements upon inspection. Due to the pandemic, the technicians were not able to come to Macao on schedule. After continuous communication between IAM and the European manufacturer, the technicians have arrived in Macao recently and have been in quarantine in accordance with the pandemic prevention guidelines. The construction works to replace the main cables of Guia Hill Cable Car are scheduled to begin this Sunday.

Upon completion of the replacement of the main cables, the follow-up works such as connection of cables, inspections, adjustments and trials will be carried out subsequently to ensure safe operation of the cable cars. During this period, part of the cable car station will be enclosed. IAM reminds the public to avoid entering the work area and pay attention to their safety. IAM endeavours to re-open the cable cars in July after the inspections are completed.