Subsistence Team distributes extra food supplies to households in lockdown zones in response to typhoon

Publish Date: 01/11/2022

As the tropical cyclone signal no. 3 is in force in Macao now, the Subsistence Team continues to provide support and distribute living necessities in the various Red Code buildings. Extra food packs with vegetables and frozen meat or emergency food packs are distributed to the households today (1 November) as storage food, so as to satisfy the basic needs for food of the households in case food cannot be delivered at the door during the typhoon period. Meanwhile, tomorrow, the service of collection of the life supplies delivered by friends and relatives of the households in the Red Code buildings is suspended.

The Subsistence Team will closely monitor the changes in the local weather. If any changes are made to the various services, the households will be notified through mobile phone text messages and publication of press releases. Households in the Red Code buildings are reminded to pay attention to the above information. If the households have any urgent needs, please call the Civic Service Hotline at 28337676 or the support hotline of the Social Welfare Bureau at 28261126. The Subsistence Team will handle the cases as soon as possible.