Subsistence Team continues to support Red Code buildings and carries out source-tracing of vegetables and frozen meat food packs to monitor quality

Publish Date: 14/07/2022

The Subsistence Team continuously provides subsistence services for the Red Code buildings. The vegetables and frozen meat food packs delivered to the households in Red Code buildings contain fresh vegetables arrived in Macao on the day and each pack of frozen meat is sticked with the name of the supplier to facilitate source-tracing and monitoring of the food safety and quality.

To ensure the safety and hygiene of the delivery of vegetables and frozen meat food packs, canopy tents are set up in the support stations of each Red Code Zone. They are equipped with freezers with freezing temperature that meets food safety requirements for the temporary storage of frozen meat. In addition, after passing the inspection, each frozen meat pack is distributed to the Red Code Zones by the suppliers in refrigerated vehicles and immediately stored in the freezers. In accordance with food safety and hygiene requirements, the staff only take the frozen meat packs out from the freezers before entering the Red Code buildings for delivery, so as to minimise the delivery time as far as possible to prevent them from thawing.

Furthermore, since Edf. Fai Fu is a social housing estate for the elderly, with comprehensive consideration of the dietary preference and health requirements of the elderly, the Subsistence Team specially provides soft and easy-to-chew food for the residents, including fluffy rice and other hot meals. For some elderly residents who need special care, special meals and care are provided by the Social Welfare Bureau.

In addition to the mentioned arrangements to safeguard subsistence food supplies, the Subsistence Team also delivers medicines, milk powder, personal hygiene products, cleaning and disinfection products and other supplies sent by friends and relatives to the households in Red Code Zones. However, alcoholic beverages and leisure drinks, perishable food, delivered takeaways, bottled water for water coolers, electrical appliances, as well as refrigerated food like milk and yogurt are not to be delivered to the households. The Subsistence Team appeals for residents’ understanding.