Pre-construction works of reorganisation and renovation of Red Market launches in order

Publish Date: 13/04/2022

The reorganisation and renovation works of Almirante Lacerda Municipal Market (Red Market) will be initiated in May. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has actively carried out pre-construction preparatory works, including the installation of monitoring points to monitor the actual conditions of the roof level, pillars, external walls of the building and on-grade slabs, etc. Meanwhile, a technical team has been formed to strengthen the follow-up coordination and regulation. A third-party has been commissioned to carry out the supervision of the construction quality and control of work duration and supervise the construction contractor’s strict implementation of the construction plan, so as to overcome the different difficulties in the construction works and achieve a balance between conservation and reorganisation and renovation.

Monitoring equipment installed to collect data for conservation of architectural features

As the time-distinctive architectural features of the building, including the external walls, roofing and the parts above, the cross-shaped tower in the centre and the staircases, etc. have to be preserved in the reorganisation and renovation works of Red Market, the scope of preservation is large and the difficulty of the construction works is high. In addition, a full evaluation was not possible inside the market during the stage of construction design, and design was only carried out by comparison of the partial evaluation and old design drawings. Therefore, the emphases of the pre-construction works are the monitoring and collection of fundamental data. Currently, about 90 pieces of monitoring equipment have been installed in the main structure and on external walls, so that abnormalities such as settlement or tilting of the building can be monitored timely.

Monitoring works, which also include the inspection of the slabs on the roof level and pillars and the inspection and recording of the condition of the concrete and the corrosion of the steel bars, etc., provide a basis for determining feasibility of the implementation of subsequent construction works. Testing of the current condition of the soil on the ground level and the installation and testing of the loading equipment have been done to determine the actual loading capacity of the lower part of the on-grade slabs of Red Market. At the same time, close attention will be paid to the preservation of the current condition of the structure and other changes at every stage of construction. Only when the monitoring data shows no abnormalities is the next step of construction carried out.

Construction works involve high level of difficulty and technical team is formed to enhance monitoring

As the external walls and roof structure of Red Market have to be preserved, large-scale machinery cannot be used during the installation of large-scale temporary steel structures for support, enhancement of the foundation, reconstruction of the inner foundation and structure in the indoor space of the building, due to space limitation. Works must be carried out in parts and attention must be paid to the connection between each partitioned area. During each stage of construction, the data must be closely monitored to observe the changes in the preserved structures. The construction works involve a high level of difficulty and complex work procedures.

Therefore, IAM has formed a technical team to enhance the coordination and supervision of the subsequent works and timely handle the technical issues during construction. A professional construction consultancy firm has also been commissioned to monitor the whole process of construction. The contractor is required to submit the construction plan, inspection plan and test reports of each stage of construction in advance for the evaluation and approval of the construction consultancy firm and the design firm, so as to ensure the construction quality satisfies the requirements. During the construction period, IAM will also strengthen communication with the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Red Market has been in use for more than 80 years, and on the whole, it cannot satisfy the current society’s needs of public market facilities. IAM, after in-depth discussions with departments like the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Land and Urban Construction Bureau, the Fire Services Bureau, etc., initiated the comprehensive reorganisation and renovation of Red Market. The construction works include enhancement of the foundation and reconstruction of the internal foundation and structure. Taking into consideration the requests for improvement of market facilities proposed by market stall operators, construction works include: installation of an air-conditioning system, a transformer room, barrier-free elevators for both individuals and goods, a barrier-free lift platform beside the small garden near Avenida de Horta e Costa, two additional off-loading platforms, ramps and entrance and exit for transportation of goods. Furthermore, the replacement of all wall and floor tiles, refurbishment of ceilings, reconstruction of drainage network and water-proof and insulation layers on the roof, replacement of the panels of the thermal and insulation room in the small garden, expanding the toilets in the market and adjustment of the ratio of male and female toilet cubicles are also included in the construction works.

Currently, enclosure of the periphery of the Red Market has been completed, and cleaning of the environment and rodent elimination works have also been carried out. Every endeavour has been made to officially initiate the reorganisation and construction works of Red Market in May, and the work period will be about 657 days. During the construction period, noiseless work items will be arranged to be carried out as much as possible on Sundays and public holidays to reduce the impact on nearby residents. Updates corresponding to the work progress will be timely provided to the public.