Smooth relocation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market and reorganisation works to start tomorrow

Publish Date: 28/02/2023

The relocation of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market prior to renovation has been completed smoothly today (28 February), and the preliminary preparation work such as improvement of environmental hygiene will commence immediately in March. The stall vendors have reached a consensus on suspension of business for all stalls during the construction period. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) also assists them in transportation and temporary storage of certain business tools. The construction works strive to be completed within this year, and the progress of each stage of the works will be timely updated and put up on the gate of the construction site for public awareness.

Horta da Mitra Municipal Market was built in 1939. The sewerage network, heat dissipation and ventilation, lighting and other facilities in the market have become dilapidated. Despite multiple repairs by IAM, the dilapidation issue has not been resolved. While it is necessary to carry out comprehensive reorganisation works of the market, optimisation of the equipment and facilities will be carried out at the same time to improve the business environment of the market. Since last year, IAM has organised workshops and explanatory sessions of the construction works frequently for the stall vendors to collect their opinions on the optimisation and reorganisation works as well as the arrangements for business suspension and relocation. Furthermore, a consensus on suspension of business for all stalls during the construction period has been reached among the stall vendors so as to facilitate the full implementation of the reorganisation works.

The reorganisation plan will involve preservation of the architectural appearance of Horta da Mitra Municipal Market, additional installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems, improvement of the lighting system, upgrade of the sewerage equipment of the market and addition of barrier-free facilities. The vending zone and the work zone will be specially equipped with independent entrances and exits for separation between the flow of consumers shopping in the market and that of the stall vendors’ transportation of goods, so as to achieve the separation of the dry and wet zones. In coordination with the air-conditioning and ventilation systems and the daily management of the market, the wet and slippery environment of the traditional market will be improved and a comfortable and neat image of the market will be established, so as to provide the public with pleasant shopping experiences.