IAM maintains sanitary inspection services and essential work arrangements

Publish Date: 21/06/2022

The general public service points of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will be closed from 22 to 24 June, while the self-service areas, municipal markets and cemeteries remain open to the public. “IAM Connect” and the Civic Service Hotline 2833 7676 will also remain in service to receive opinions from the public. At the same time, IAM maintains various sanitary inspection services, and continues to carry out cleaning, disinfection and inspections in public places and public facilities.

    In order to stabilise food supply and sanitary inspection services, IAM will maintain services such as sanitary inspections on food, live animals, and retail dog and cat food items during the above-mentioned period. Applicants for sanitary inspection of live animals and retail dog and cat food items are required to call 6686 3001 to book the service at least one day in advance.

    The service locations for processing import license/declaration and advance booking for sanitary inspection (food products) will be temporarily changed to the ground floor of Complexo da Rotunda de Carlos da Maia in Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, No. 5 & 7, Macau. The processing time will be: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. For enquiries, members of the public can call 2852 6943. Importers are advised to pay attention to the measure.

    For individuals who have scheduled appointments for 22 to 24 June at the Macao Government Services Centre in Areia Preta, the Macao Government Services Centre in Islands, and the IAM public services centres of various districts, IAM will contact them to reschedule the appointments. The Macao Municipal Kennel and the Coloane Municipal Kennel are closed. Their basic services that have been booked will be suspended, and only emergency services will be provided.

    IAM has also stepped up inspections and publicity on its licensed and supervised establishments, calling on relevant establishments to facilitate the government’s pandemic prevention work and reduce the risk of spreading the disease in the local community with joint efforts.