Outdoor facilities managed by IAM to reopen today

Publish Date: 18/10/2021

As the situation of the pandemic in Macao has gradually stabilised, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) will reopen the facilities under its management in phases. Outdoor facilities such as children’s play facilities inside gardens, parks and leisure areas, sports and fitness facilities, pavilions, barbecue areas and free sports grounds will be reopened from  October 19. Taipa Flea Market, Gathering at Dusk in Senado Square and bicycle rental service at cycle tracks will also be resumed. IAM will also continue to strengthen cleaning of the venues and facilities. The public are advised to comply when they have to undergo temperature checks and display their valid “Macao Health Code” upon entry to some venues or use of facilities. However, activity centres, indoor facilities and venues of IAM remain closed.

In addition, due to the construction works of the spectator stands of the 68th Macau Grand Prix, IAM has temporarily closed an area in Arts Park between Praça de Ferreira do Amaral and a section of Rua de Cantão and an area in Reservatório Park next to Edif. do Grande Prémio de Macau near Avenida da Amizade. Areas in Arts Park, D. Maria II Hill Park and D. Maria II Viewing Platform situated near the racing circuit of Macau Grand Prix will also be closed during the race from November 18 to 21. The public are reminded to take note of the notices about the constructions works and relevant arrangements on site.