IAM continues to optimise garbage collection facilities

Publish Date: 29/10/2021

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to promote the optimisation of garbage collection facilities by upgrading suitable garbage collection points in communities into compacting trash bins, improving garbage transport mode for the communities, and conducting various research projects to improve the conditions of use of the facilities for a clean community environment.

As of the end of October this year, IAM has added 7 compacting trash bins in various districts, located in Avenida de D. João IV, n.o 24, Rua da Baía in Taipa, Travessa do Bazar Novo, n.o 10, Travessa da Palangana, n.º 1, Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, n.o 128-A, in front of Nam Va San Chun Bloco 4 in Rua de Má Káu Séak, and in front of Edificio Kuong Wa Bloco 2 in Rua de Má Káu Séak , n.o 167, to improve the communities’ garbage disposal capacity, reduce garbage odour, sewage overflow and the frequency of garbage transport. In addition, IAM plans to gradually coordinate the way of garbage disposal of the high-rise buildings around the compacting trash bins for the residents to directly dispose of garbage into the bins, so as to reduce the frequency of the garbage bins of the buildings being put on public streets for collection, lessen related hygiene and noise problems, and mitigate the impact of collection and transport on community environment and traffic. With the launch of the compacting trash bins, the number of compacting trash bins in Macao now reaches 105, while the number of street garbage collection points is reduced to 58, and the number of 1,100 litre street trash bins has decreased from its peak of more than 1,600 to 109, effectively enhancing the overall hygienic environment of Macao.

IAM always attaches great importance to the public’s opinions on public garbage collection facilities and has carried out various research projects to improve the conditions of use of the facilities. For example, smart automatic door openings that can open based on garbage volume data have been introduced for closed garbage chambers in recent years to make it more convenient for public use and improve hygienic conditions. This year, further improvements were made to the sealing performance of garbage collection facilities, and study was conducted for the introduction of automatic door openings for compacting trash bins and for the addition of external cabins to the 1,100 litre street trash bins. The compacting trash bin with automatic door opening provides a hygienic and convenient way for garbage disposal. Its door opening automatically opens when the user is near, and after the user has disposed of the garbage and left, the door opening automatically closes. In addition, IAM has conducted study on the addition of external cabins to the 1,100 litre street trash bins. When in use, the door opening can be opened by lightly stepping on the pedal. The door is also equipped with a hydraulic buffer device which allows it to slowly close when the user releases the pedal. The enhancement of the above two facilities can further shorten the exposure duration of garbage, effectively reduce odour emission, better the use of facilities and hygienic conditions, and improve the public's perception of related facilities.

The trial sample of the external cabin of the 1,100 litre trash bin has been placed in Estrada de D. João Paulino in mid-September for the public to use, whereas the compacting trash bins with automatic door opening have been placed in different locations for residents in the neighbourhoods to try out. IAM will closely observe the operation and use of the facilities to assess whether they are applicable in Macao and whether the public can adapt to them, before exploring the feasibility of further expansion.