IAM optimises Food Safety Information website and app

Publish Date: 06/05/2019

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has optimised the “Food Safety Information” website and the “Food Safety Information” mobile application. The latest version of “Food Safety Information” website offers users mobile reading interface for public’s convenient access and browse of latest food safety information on various mobile devices. As for the upgraded version of the “Food Safety Information” mobile application, it provides access to course materials and practice tests of training programmes, and has also optimised the push notification service to allow the users to have more convenient access to latest food safety news and information. It is now available for free download or update by members of the public and food industry.

The Department of Food Safety of IAM makes use of the “Food Safety Information” website and the “Food Safety Information” mobile application to disseminate food safety information, such as news, food alerts, popular science articles, multimedia promotional and educational content and videos, to the public in a way that provides users of different preferences with diversified information in this area. To make it more convenient for browsing, the “Food Safety Information” website (www.foodsafety.gov.mo) has been upgraded and optimised. It adjusts automatically to the best browsing webpage on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is now equipped with a more user-friendly reading interface for public’s convenience to obtain more comprehensive food safety information.

Meanwhile, the “Food Safety Information” mobile application has also been upgraded to Version 3.0 to allow collation of information from the “Food Safety Information” website. It has enriched the content of the section of “Trade Information” by providing a series of e-books, including Food Safety Guides, and the course materials and practice tests of Food Hygiene Supervisor Incentive Programme for download and use by those from the food industry who are in the Programme or intend to enroll for it so that they can have easy reference at any time and learn continuously. Moreover, the optimised push notification function of the application offers a wider range of food safety information and popular science resources. Users can access the “Subscribe to Push Notification” in “Setting” of the application to select the types of messages about food safety for receipt of push notifications.

The “Food Safety Information” application is available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Portuguese and English, and supports iOS and Android platforms. Users may search the term “Food Safety Information” in App Store and Google Play to download the application or download it through the link provided in the “Food Safety Information” website (www.foodsafety.gov.mo) for free.

IAM is committed to continuous optimisation and timely update of “Food Safety Information” website and the “Food Safety Information” mobile application to offer users a greater level of convenience in obtaining food safety information.