IAM to remove two trees infected with brown root rot disease

Publish Date: 02/09/2022

During daily inspections, the tree maintenance staff of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) have respectively found that a Chinese chestnut tree and a cotton tree are infected with brown root rot disease. Assessment of the conditions suggests that the disease has severely affected the tree bases, imposing risks of collapsing. For the sake of public safety, the trees will be scheduled to be removed within the next few days.

The root area and the entire tree base of a Chinese chestnut tree located in Lou Lim Ioc Park have been infected with pathogens and have fungal sheaths growing on them. Inspection shows that the wood structure is loose and abnormal gummosis occurs, which may impose high risks of collapsing. To ensure the safety of the visitors in the park, the relevant area has been enclosed and the tree will be removed in the next few days.

Another tree is a cotton tree located in Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho, whose wood structure at the tree base shows widespread abnormal folds with necrosis in ring shape. Phellinus noxius was also found in the further inspection of the diseased tissues. The tree has a risk of collapsing that may cause danger to pedestrians and vehicles, and therefore must be removed.

During the tree removal period, members of the public are required to follow the on-site instructions, pay attention to the temporary road closure arrangement, and avoid approaching the sites to avoid accidents. In addition, they are reminded that as branch breakage may happen under the influence of wind and rain, they should avoid entering forest areas and staying under trees during this period or within a few days afterward.

IAM calls for the public to protect the valuable tree resources together. If they find any abnormalities in trees, they may report the cases through “IAM Connect” or by calling the Civic Service Hotline at 2833 7676.