Children’s playground in zone B in Reservatório Park near Estrada do Reservatório reopens tomorrow as optimisation is completed

Publish Date: 14/12/2022

After the children’s playground in zone A in Reservatório Park was optimised and reopened, the construction works in the children’s playground in zone B have also been completed and the playground will be reopened on 15 December to provide a more comfortable play and leisure venue for children and the public.

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has carried out optimisation works of the children’s playgrounds in zones A and B in Reservatório Park in phases. The children’s playground in zone A in Reservatório Park (near Rua dos Pescadores) was reopened in October. The construction works in zone B in Reservatório Park (near Estrada do Reservatório) have also been completed. The area of the playground in zone B has been expanded from 200 square metres to 950 square metres, and artificial grass mats and safety mat layers have been installed.

To cater to the developmental needs of children of different ages and encourage them to improve their physical fitness through playing, many kinds of climbing play equipment suitable for children aged 5 to 12 have been added, including a combination set of climbing and hanging rope equipment, artificial rock climbing play equipment, a knoll covered with artificial grass, special see-saws, etc. to provide game experiences involving touch, senses, exercise, etc. Play equipment suitable for children aged 2 to 12 has also been added, such as a dome for young children to climb, a curved balance beam, play equipment for climbing that resembles building blocks, etc., to increase the fun of playing and to train the users’ coordination. After the optimisation of the playground, the green landscape has been enhanced in addition to expanding the area of the children’s playground and diversifying the children’s play equipment. Many variegated and flowering plants have also been planted, such as Crateva religiosa, Mussaenda cv. Alicia and Codiaeum Variegatum Aucubaefolia, to increase the number of plant species planted.

As some of the children’s play facilities are quite challenging, IAM reminds parents that they should give safety guidance to their children when they accompany their children to use public facilities and enjoy play time together. Meanwhile, the public should also pay attention to the notices on site, use the facilities according to the suitable ages and the safety instructions and cherish the facilities. IAM will continue to carry out optimisation works of the various park facilities to enhance the leisure and play space of the public and children.