Drainage staff of IAM unclogged drains in Red Code Zone overnight

Publish Date: 19/07/2022

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) received a call for help last night (18 July) saying that the drains of a food establishment of Edf. Kat Cheong in Rua Dois do Bairro Iao Hon were blocked and there was a backflow of sewage, and immediately followed up on the issue. Since the location is within a Red Code Zone, IAM consulted the health departments about their opinions and had the drainage staff strictly abiding by the pandemic prevention guidelines and wearing protective equipment such as anti-epidemic clothing, face shields and masks as they carried out drainage inspection and clearance in the Red Code Zone overnight.

After inspection, it was found that the backflow of sewage was mainly caused by the blocked internal drains of the food establishment. The drainage staff opened the covers of the drains in the nearby streets and used small machinery and tools to unclog and clear the drains, which preliminarily solved the sewage backflow issue of the food establishment. The staff also reminded the food establishment to check and clean the grease traps regularly, and to arrange for the internal drains to be unclogged to fully solve the issue.

The drainage staff also cleared the drains in the nearby streets to ensure smooth drainage and avoid the risk of spread of the pandemic caused by drainage blockage. After the drainage clearance work was completed, cleaning staff immediately cleaned and disinfected the nearby streets.