IAM steps up checking and maintenance of play facilities to ensure safety

Publish Date: 14/11/2022

The children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau was opened for trial operation on Sunday (13 November). As the facilities were frequently used in the venue, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) immediately checked and maintained all the facilities overnight after the venue was closed. Their overall conditions are good. Disinfection of the facilities has been stepped up to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Children’s playgrounds in Macao are very popular among children and parents. IAM has always attached great importance to the checking and maintenance of the facilities, as well as their cleaning and disinfection. For safety reasons, checking frequency and efforts for newly opened venues such as the children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau will be stepped up during the early stage of operation in addition to regular checking.

IAM reminds parents again that they should pay attention to the on-site notices, let their children use the facilities according to the applicable age and safety guidelines, and remind them to pay attention to safety and cherish the facilities. Adults should not use the children’s play facilities. They are especially forbidden to use the woven rope suspension bridge and other similar play facilities to avoid overloading the play facilities and accelerating wear and tear.

The children’s playground in Doca de Lam Mau was opened for the first day on Sunday, with crowd control implemented during the peak period resulting in generally good order in the venue. IAM urges the public to go to the playground during off-peak hours and make an appointment for entering the sandpit zone in advance to avoid crowds and waiting in queue for entry, which may ruin the fun.