IAM steps up inspections and trimming of trees in response to stormy weather

Publish Date: 01/07/2022

As Tropical Cyclone Chaba gradually approaches Macao, it is expected to bring about showers and thunderstorms. The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has recently stepped up the inspections and trimming of trees in various districts to reduce the chance of collapse of trees in strong wind and rainstorm, with the aim of safeguarding public safety.

In order to reduce the impact of adverse weather on trees in the city and safeguard public safety, the tree maintenance personnel of IAM have stepped up the inspections of trees in various districts even in the epidemic control period. With regard to trees in bad health conditions and with defective structures, reinspections have been carried out while trimming and maintenance have been arranged. In addition, regular trimming has been carried out to trees with overly dense branches to reduce the weight of the tree crown and the area affected by wind, with the aim of minimising the chance of collapse of trees in strong wind and rainstorm. During the period of tree trimming, the public are advised to pay attention to the temporary traffic arrangements of the relevant road sections and not to enter the work area to avoid accidents.

IAM appeals to the public to carry out regular inspections and arrange trimming to trees inside their properties, and pay attention to the growth conditions of trees to avoid accidents. In addition, the public should avoid getting close to or staying under trees or slopes during rainstorm so as to prevent the danger caused by broken branches or landslide.