IAM requires hawkers to take rapid antigen tests every day

Publish Date: 27/06/2022

    The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) requires hawkers in all markets and hawker areas to complete rapid antigen tests every day before opening, with inspection staff continuing to step up inspections. At the same time, publicity messages on pandemic prevention are continuously broadcast in various markets and hawker areas, calling on the public to cooperate with pandemic prevention work and reduce crowd gatherings. Security guards stationed at the entrances of the markets also provide disinfectant alcohol to residents entering the markets to further increase protection.

    Since this outbreak of the pandemic, IAM has continued to enhance checking of the rapid antigen test results of the hawkers and reminding them to strictly abide by the guidelines for hygiene and pandemic prevention, and take adequate personal hygiene protection measures during work to protect the health of themselves and consumers.

    Meanwhile, IAM cleans the markets, the hawker areas and the nearby streets during the daily closing hours of the markets, and increases the frequency of cleaning the public facilities with diluted bleach to ensure environmental hygiene.