Certain entertainment establishments in Macao to be closed temporarily from tomorrow and IAM continues with inspection of establishments subject to its regulation

Publish Date: 04/08/2021

In accordance with the Chief Executive Writ of Instruction, in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in Macao, multiple business establishments are required to be closed starting from midnight on 5 August 2021, including those granted licenses or permits by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM): cinemas, theatres, indoor playgrounds, amusement game and electronic game rooms, cyber cafes, billiard rooms, bowling alleys and beauty parlours. IAM will continue with the inspection of such establishments and request them to cooperate in the anti-pandemic work of the Macao SAR Government.

In addition, the public must produce a valid Macao Health Code for entry into any markets and food and beverage establishments licensed and regulated by IAM. Entry will be refused if the Macao Health Code is a “Red Code” or “Yellow Code”. The inspection today (4 August) showed that the public generally cooperate in the anti-pandemic measures. Meanwhile, IAM takes the temperature and checks the Health Code of people entering the markets. Staff are also sent to assist the public in need to declare and obtain their Health Code.

IAM continues to send staff to visit food establishments in various districts to step up promotion of the relevant guidelines and arrangement. The staff also request business owners to remind customers to produce their Macao Health Code upon entry into the business establishments. Active cooperation has been received from them. In accordance with the anti-pandemic guidelines issued by the Health Bureau, those who are unable to complete the declaration and generate a Health Code certificate via the mobile application can produce it in paper form which is printed in advance and valid for the day.

IAM calls for the public to undertake civic responsibilities, pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene and cooperate in the anti-pandemic work of the Macao SAR Government. IAM will continue to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection work of various public places, streets and ports of entry and exit. While paying close attention on the development of the pandemic, IAM maintains close communication with the Health Bureau to timely adjust the relevant measures, so as to reduce the risk of spread of the disease in the Macao communities.