Public required to produce green health code for entry into restaurants licensed by IAM starting from tomorrow

Publish Date: 08/06/2021

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) makes timely adjustments to relevant pandemic prevention measures in view of the development of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Starting from tomorrow (June 9), the public is required to produce a valid green “Macao Health Code” for entry into the beverage establishments and the food and beverage establishments of Category 4 and Category 5 licensed and regulated by IAM, besides complying with the existing pandemic prevention measures. Individuals with red and yellow codes are not allowed to enter. Today IAM has informed the license holders of the venues and consumers of the relevant measure through SMS messages, distribution of posters, etc.

IAM calls on the public to assume civic responsibilities, pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene, and cooperate with the pandemic prevention measures adopted by the Macao SAR government. IAM will also continue to monitor the hygiene conditions of its municipal facilities and take various preventive and control measures to reduce the spread of the virus with concerted efforts.

The public is advised to understand and cooperate with the above arrangements imposed in response to the need for pandemic prevention. IAM will closely monitor the development of the pandemic, maintain close communication with the Health Bureau, and make timely adjustments to relevant measures to reduce the risk of disease spreading in the local community.