Introduction to Municipal Affairs Bureau

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) carries out the following duties:
(1) Enhance harmony and integration among communities in the society and promote civic education;
(2) Encourage and assist local organisations to promote social interest and the spirits of mutual help and friendliness in communities;
(3) Establish ways of mutual communication between IAM and residents, and ensure the connection between IAM and the media;
(4) Promote and organise celebration activities in communities and be responsible for management of community facilities and venues for recreational activities;
(5) Promote environmental hygiene, including mainly ensuring the cleanliness of public places managed by IAM, supervision, inspection and quarantine of animals and plants, cooperation with public departments or entities which exercise the competence of health authority, as well as supervision of cemetery and burial affairs;
(6) Contribute to improvement of quality of life of residents, including mainly supervision of  food safety and quality of water, urban beautification and greening, construction and renovation of public facilities and venues managed by IAM, designation of public places, allocation of building numbers, maintenance and repair of roads and drainage network;
(7) Issue administrative licenses or authorisations concerning acts, events and activities, in accordance with stipulations of the law or regulations, ;
(8) Implement policies, under the duties of IAM, defined between the Macao SAR Government and other regional and international organisations;
(9) Contribute actively to collaboration in the execution of civil defence work, and participate in implementation of plans in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the co-ordinating entities;
(10) Supervise compliance with the applicable regulations in the areas mentioned in the previous items, including mainly public health, food safety, supervision and control of animals and plants, management of cemeteries, and acts, events and activities which require notification, administrative licenses and authorisations;
(11) Contribute actively to collaboration in the implementation mechanism of inter-departmental public service, and provide services stated in the agreements which are signed between IAM and other public departments or entities;
(12) Offer consultative opinions, carry out research and submit proposals to the Macao SAR Government on issues in the municipal area, including mainly services provided by IAM for residents and their improvements;
(13) Perform other tasks in accordance with stipulations of the law or regulations, or instructions of supervisory entities.