Municipal facilities

City Sanitation & Greening

Garbage Chambers

In order to mitigate the impact of waste on the surrounding environment, IAM has taken steps to gradually restructure abandoned electrical rooms based on reality of Macao’s limited land supply and dense population, taking into consideration the different conditions in each district. In addition, the Bureau has also set up closed refuse chambers under flyovers and refuge islands to make the best use of space. The chambers, which may accommodate hand-pushing garbage trucks, are equipped with ventilation facilities, sewage collection wells, ultraviolet disinfection lighting and washing facilities, etc, allowing cleaning personnel to carry out cleaning and disinfection procedures on a regular basis; recyclable waste separation bins are also set up outside the chambers to promote the concept of environmental protection. The chambers also use a valve for the disposal of garbage, helping to reduce odor diffusion and breeding of vermin, further improving the hygienic conditions on streets.