Oscar Trail


The Oscar Trail located in the south-western part of the Coloane Island has been open to the public since 2020. It is a loop trail about 1,150 metres long, with both the exit and entrance located close to the Oscar Farm in Estrada de Cheoc Van. The scenery along the trail is picturesque, and there are indigenous tree species on both sides of the trail: Liquidambar formosana (Sweet Gum), Sapium discolor (Mountain Tallow Tree) and Schima superba (Schima). With some attention, visitors may even spot Garrulax canorus (Chinese Hwamei) that is generally active in the undergrowth, Pycnonotus sinensis (Light-vented Bulbul) that loves to stand on branches, the singing Zosterops japonica (Japanese White-eye) and other common birds in Macao. Walking up the steps, visitors unwittingly arrive at the platform on the mountain top where they can take in the pleasant scenery of the area near Estrada da Aldeia, making the trail a fantastic place for family nature outings.

Address :
Entrance: Estrada de Cheoc Van , Coloane Exit: Estrada de Cheoc Van , Coloane Length: 1,150 metres
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Whole Day
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