Ká Hó Activity Centre


Located in Caminho da Povoação de Ká Hó in Coloane, Ká Hó Activity Centre covers a total area of about 100 m2 and provides a free indoor leisure venue.

Facilities of the activity centre include:

Table tennis area: There is one table tennis table which is open for use by residents by queuing on site. Reservation is not available.

Reading area: Newspapers, periodicals and magazines of the day are provided for residents to read in the activity centre. Television is also installed for residents to watch.

Address :
Caminho da Povoação de Ká Hó, Coloane
Opening Hours :
At 08:00am - 20:00pm daily (opens on weekends and public holidays except Chinese New Year holidays)
Tel :
2876 8639
Fax :
2892 0387
Map :
Points to Note :