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Macau Taipa Coloane
JC1 Seac Pai Van Park(Temporarily closed) JC2 Seac Pai Van Park JC3 Cheoc Van Barbecue Park
JC4 Ká Hó Reservoir Natural Park JC5 Coloane Trail JC6 Coloane Height Park
JC7 Macao Giant Panda Information Centre JC8 Hac Sá Park JC9 Palmeiras Park
JC10 Public toilet at Hac Sá Reservoir Natural Park JC11 Oscar Farm JC12 Pavilion of Animal Specimens in Macao
C1 Public toilet at Ka-Ho Height Barbecue Park C10 Public toilet at Hac Sa Beach C11 Public toilet at Rua de Hac Sá Long Chao Kok in Coloane
C12 Public toilet at the barbecue area of Hac Sa Beach in Coloane C13 Public toilet at Edifício Ip Heng in Seac Pai Van in Coloane C15 Public Toilet in Seac Pai Van Community Complex, Coloane
C16Public toilet in Seac Pai Van Urban Park in Coloane (north) C17Public toilet in Seac Pai Van Urban Park in Coloane (south) C2 Public toilet at Hac Sa Reservoir Barbeque Park
C3 Public toilet at Bairro das Missões C4 Public toilet at Estrada de Cheoc Van (next to the Municipal Market of Coloane) C5 Public toilet at Rua dos Navegantes
C6 Public toilet at Campo Desportivo Municipal de Coloane C7 Public toilet at Caminho de Tan Fong C8 Public toilet at Tam Kong Temple, Coloane
C9 Public toilet at locker room of Hac Sa Campsite GC01 Seac Pai Van Activity Centre (Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van, 6˚ andar, Coloane) GC02Ká Hó Activity Centre (area in front of Kun Iam Temple in Caminho da Povoação de Ká Hó)
Happy Farm LC01Public Toilet at the Coloane Municipal Cemetery MC01 Coloane Market/ground floor

JC1 Seac Pai Van Park(Temporarily closed)

Address :Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Seac Pai Van Park , Coloane
Opening Hours :06:00-22:00
Opening Hours :06:00-22:00
Tel :28337676
Transportation : Public Bus Information Station
Map : link
Points to Note :
The park offers a baby care room that opens from 6:00 a.m. to10:00 p.m. daily.