1. Management of Unlicensed Hawkers
Apparently, illegal hawkers exist in all cities, particularly in developing cities and regions. In Macao, it is foreseeable that illegal hawkers shall keep on with their vending while their number fluctuates in line with the performance of the economy. In this respect, the Division of Hawkers Affairs, as always, employs a mixed strategy in its management of unlicensed hawkers, marked by impromptu inspections, pinpoint patrol and inspection plus stationing of staff at major areas to limit the scope of illegal vending by unlicensed hawkers.

2. Short-Termed Temporary Vendor Stalls Set Up during Traditional Festival Holidays
Annually, temporary vendor stalls and bazaars (e.g. Taipa Flea Market) are set up during the traditional festival holidays of the Lunar New Year period. The Division promotes these featured activities via different channels and media to heighten the festive ambience.

3. Management of Licensed Hawkers
Despite being limited by manpower, the inspection staff of the Division of Hawker Affairs, together with sanitary inspectors, conducts unscheduled on-site sanitary inspections, zonal patrol and inspections as well as large-scale impromptu inspection and subsequent prosecutions to maintain adequate hawker control and deter hawkers from committing any offense. The Division works closely at all time with other relevant departments to improve the business environment of hawker areas (e.g. regular cleaning of hawker areas and the  canopies).

Scope of Services available to the Public

  1. Hawker licensing(FormalitiesE-forms)
    • Any person who intends to engage in the hawker business must apply to IAM for a license. He or she could only operate as a hawker upon licensing.
  2. Applications filed by Licensed Hawkers(FormalitiesE-forms)
    • Licensed hawkers must file an application to the IAM for leave, alteration or addition of sales items, change of retail location, installation of extra facilities and reissue of hawker licence or declaration.
  3. Application for temporary vendor permits for sales of goods in traditional festivals and bazaars held by IAM must be filed in accordance to the application procedures specified by IAM. Permits are categorized as follows: (E-forms)
    • Temporary vendor permit for bazaars, temporary markets and other events organized by the IAM;
    • Temporary vendor permit for sales of snacks in firecracker zones;
    • Temporary vendor permit for sales of firecrackers, rockets and fireworks;
    • Temporary vendor permit for Lunar New Year Fair/Market;
    • Special temporary vendor permit for traditional festivals;
    • Temporary vendor permit for celebrative activities, performances and other events held in public space;

Location of Hawker Areas across Macao
2nd Street of Iao Hon Ruins of St. Paul’s
Fai Chi Kei District Rua de Cinco de Outubro
Almirante Lacerda Market (Red Market) Periphery of Horta e Mitra Market
Rua da Emenda Periphery of St. Domingos Municipal Market
Rua Fernao Mendes Pinto Rua da Praia do Manduco
Travessa da Corda Penha Hill
Four-faced Buddha, Taipa Hac-Sa Beach, Coloane