Business Establishments & Promotional Materials

1License for Placement of Temporary Advertisement
2Administrative License - Sale of Pornographic Materials
3Administrative License - Bowling Alleys
4Administrative License - Billiard Rooms
5Issuance of Temporary License for Vending at Celebrations, Performances and Other Activities held in Public Areas
6License for Temporary Occupation of Public Streets – Hoarding and Scaffolding
7Administrative Permit - Hair Salons and Barber Shops
8Registration of establishment for import (of chilled meat/frozen meat/meat products)
9Administrative Permit - Beauty Parlours
10Advertisements on Vehicles License
11Administrative License – Laundries
12License for retail establishment (of fresh meat/chilled meat/frozen meat)
13License for retail establishment of vegetables
14Administrative Permit - Auctions
15License for retail establishment of fish
16License for Placement of Publicity Materials
17Temporary vending license
18License for Temporary Occupation of Public Streets - Others
19License for Placement of Long-term Advertisements and Signboards
20License for Occupation of Public Area on a Long-term Basis
21Administrative License – Bleach and Dye Shop
22Administrative License - Amusement Game Centres
23Administrative Permit - Entertainment Activities held in Public Entertainment Establishments or Centres
24Inclusion In Suppliers Database Of Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM)
25Calibration of Weighing and Measuring Equipment
26Administrative License – Theatres
27License for Outdoor Cafes
28Administrative License - Cyber Cafes
29Administrative License - Shows and Performances
30Administrative License – Cinemas
Total 30 records.