Business Establishments & Promotional Materials

1Registration of establishment for import (of chilled meat/frozen meat/meat products)
2Administrative License - Billiard Rooms
3Administrative License – Cinemas
4Administrative License - Shows and Performances
5Administrative License - Cyber Cafes
6Administrative Permit - Hair Salons and Barber Shops
7Calibration of Weighing and Measuring Equipment
8License for Placement of Publicity Materials
9License for Placement of Temporary Advertisement
10Registration of Establishments of Takeaway Activities
11Administrative Permit - Entertainment Activities held in Public Entertainment Establishments or Centres
12License for Outdoor Cafes
13License for Placement of Long-term Advertisements and Signboards
14Administrative License - Sale of Pornographic Materials
15Issuance of Temporary License for Vending at Celebrations, Performances and Other Activities held in Public Areas
16Advertisements on Vehicles License
17Administrative License – Bleach and Dye Shop
18Administrative Permit - Beauty Parlours
19Administrative Permit - Auctions
20License for Temporary Occupation of Public Streets - Others
21Inclusion In Suppliers Database Of Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM)
22License for retail establishment of fish
23Administrative License - Amusement Game Centres
24License for retail establishment (of fresh meat/chilled meat/frozen meat)
25Administrative License – Theatres
26License for Occupation of Public Area on a Long-term Basis
27License for retail establishment of vegetables
28License for Temporary Occupation of Public Streets – Hoarding and Scaffolding
29Administrative License – Laundries
30Temporary vending license
31Administrative License - Bowling Alleys
Total 31 records.