Friends of IAM
"Friends of IAM" mobile application mainly provides "Friends of IAM" electronic membership card services, information about venues of activity centres and push notification. "Friends of IAM" members may bind their membership card to the application and use the facilities in the activity centres with the electronic membership card.
The Streets of Macao
The “Taking a Walk through the Streets of Macao”—— “Knowing about Macao” activity organised by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), is designed as an “alternate classroom” that guides residents through Macao’s unique historical buildings, streets and alleys and lets them revisit the history and explore the footprints of celebrities. The activity aims to deepen their understanding of the place they live in and strengthen their sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, multimedia platforms such as mobile phone application and the “Macao Streets Homepage”, etc. are used to share rich information about streets with residents for them to experience the beauty of streets and feel a sense of “Love the country, love Macao”.
Macao Nature Tour
To create favorable conditions for providing residents and tourists with convenience during their visits of the leisure scenic spots in Macao under the management of IAM, the Bureau will deliver them the information about these spots, such as the walking trails and ecological zones, as well as the relevant events through smartphone application. The contents of the information include: 1.Information on the walking trails, and their maps and scenic points 2.Information on the ecological zones 3.Plants 4.Animals 5.Latest news and events 6.Photo galleries and video clipsV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Food Safety Information
The “Food Safety Information” app, which provides mainly food safety information to the public, is created by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) of Macao SAR. It aims to deliver the latest food safety news and information to the public and food trade more efficiently and rapidly, so as to enhance public awareness about food safety to reduce the risk of foodborne disease through promotion of food safety information.