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● Performance Pledge

Service itemsService quality indicatorTargeted achievement rate
1License for DogsIssue of dog license within 1 working day100%
2Microchip Implantation Service for AnimalsCompletion of microchip implantation service for animals within 1 working day100%
3Redemption of Captured DogsProcessing application for return of captured dogs within 1 working day100%
4Health Certificate of AnimalIssuance of Animal Health Certificate within 1 working day100%
5License for Racing AnimalsProcessing application for renewal of license for racing animals (horses) within 30 working days100%
6License for Other Animals - Horses Processing application for renewal of license for other animals (horses) within 30 working days100%
7License for Import of Live AnimalsProcessing application for license for import of live animals within 3 working days99%
8Vaccination against RabiesVaccination of dogs against rabies within 1 working day100%
9Health Inspection of Live Animals for Transit PurposeProcessing application for health inspection of live animals for transit purpose within 3 working days99%
10Veterinary Care for AnimalsCompletion of veterinary treatment and care procedures within 1 working day100%
11Declaration to Effect Exportation/ImportationIssuance of declaration to effect importation within 3 working days99%
12Declaration to Effect Exportation/ImportationIssuance of declaration to effect exportation within 3 working days99%
13Inspection for Imported Endangered Wild AnimalsProcessing application for inspection of imported endangered wild animals within 3 working days100%
14File a lost dog reportCompletion of formality for report of lost dog within 1 working day100%
15Cremation Service for Pets--Retrieve the Cremain with ContainerCompletion of cremation service for pets—retrieval of ashes with container within 30 working days90%
Last update : 07/12/2022
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