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● IAM continues to promote TNA animal adoption with animal protection groups

Publish Date : 01/03/2023

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) continues to collaborate with animal protection groups to promote adoption instead of purchase and increase the public’s understanding and support of “trap-neuter-adopt” (TNA) through a series of activities in the community and establishment of social media webpages. In 2022, the adoption and redemption rate of stray dogs and cats in municipal kennels reach 70 percent.


IAM has always endeavoured to improve the welfare of stray animals by providing them with suitable care and veterinarian care and promoting the “trap-neuter-adopt” (TNA) model. After IAM carries out body checks, vaccination, chip implantation, etc. on captured or abandoned dogs and cats, the animals which have stable health condition and temperament are all open for adoption. IAM also collaborates with animal protection groups, and volunteers will visit the homes of applicants for adoption to ensure the animals are matched with suitable adopters.


A total of 397 dogs and cats are successfully adopted and redeemed in 2018. The total number reached 598 in 2019, 667 in 2020 and 671 in 2021. The number of adopted animals was reduced to 497 in 2022 due to the impact of the pandemic, but the adoption and redemption rate reached 70 percent. In recent years, the animal adoption rate has maintained an upward trend, showing that the public agree with the “trap-neuter-adopt” (TNA) model and use their actions to support adoption instead of purchase.


As for those animals which are not suitable for adoption due to factors such as highly contagious diseases or severe injuries, euthanasia is a means that ensures the prevention of animal disease and protection of animal welfare. Each case is required to be medically evaluated by two veterinarians who provide their professional diagnosis and approved by a head of management before proceeding.


Continuous popularisation of the law and promotion to increase the public’s awareness of animal protection


In reference to the experience of other regions, adoption instead of purchase, neutering pets, being a responsible owner and not abandoning pets are effective ways to reduce the number of stray animals. To deepen the public’s understanding of cherishing animals and owners’ responsibilities, IAM collaborated with animal protection groups in 2022 to organise multiple sessions of themed seminars on “Be a responsible pet owner” and “Sharing seminar on dog and cat adoption”, etc. to strengthen the popularisation of the law and education in schools and communities and invited animal protection groups to share their tips on animal adoption. Meanwhile, “Love pets for life – Ways to be a responsible owner” promotional mobile stations were set up in different districts in Macao. “Fur babies preparation class” online game with prizes was launched at the end of last year, and about 20,000 participants were recorded.


In addition, IAM has enhanced the development of social media platforms. In October last year, “Fur babies preparation class” dedicated webpage was launched on Facebook and Instagram. The contents of the page cover the information about dogs and cats put up for adoption, basic knowledge about pet healthcare and relevant legal knowledge, etc. An online exchange zone was also set up to answer enquiries about animal adoption to increase the promotion of animal adoption service. The pages have reached over 240,000 people since it was set up.


IAM will continue to collaborate with animal protection groups to promote correct owners’ concepts like “zero abandonment, no irresponsible care and early neutering” through diversified promotional and publicity methods. IAM calls on the public to give sufficient consideration and make preparations before keeping a pet and be a responsible pet owner.








Last update : 01/03/2023
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