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● Advance booking now available for assessment examination for exemption of dogs from wearing muzzles in 2023

Publish Date : 06/01/2023

Under the Animal Protection Law, all dogs weighing 23 kilograms or above must be accompanied by adults and wear muzzles when they are out. However, dog owners may apply to the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) for an assessment for exemption from wearing muzzles for their dogs. Upon passing the assessment examination and obtaining IAM’s permission, the dogs will be exempted from wearing muzzles when walking in public places and common areas of flatted buildings.


The content of muzzle exemption assessment examination adopted by the IAM is set by ethology experts. The assessment benchmarks have been scientifically and objectively established in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the Animal Protection Law, to examine a dog’s aggressiveness and degree of obedience, as well as the dog owner’s ability to control the dog. All assessors have received professional training.


If a dog completes and passes the assessment, the dog will be issued a green dog tag by the IAM for identification, which is valid for three years. If a dog fails the assessment, the owner may apply to take the examination again after four months. There is no limit on the number of times the assessment examination can be taken.


Advance booking is now available for assessment examination for exemption of dogs from wearing muzzles. Dog owners can log in to IAM’s online booking system to make an appointment for the assessment examination date within 30 days. Moreover, this online booking system can be used to modify, cancel and make enquiry about the service which has already been booked. Should there be any queries regarding the online booking function of the Macao Municipal Kennel’s services, please feel free to contact IAM Civic Service Hotline 2833 7676 for enquiry.


Note 1: Upon application, the applicant is required to provide the valid license number of the dog, and confirm that the dog is over 23 kilogrammes of weight and its rabies vaccine is still valid on the day of the examination.

Note 2: Dogs with a record of causing injury to people or other animals are not allowed to take the examination.




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Last update : 06/01/2023
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