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● Animal record

36304Temporary file no.:36304
Cage no.:Macao Municipal Kennel - Q2
Date of capture:18/10/2021
Capture Time:10:30 AM
Location of Capture:ESTRADA DE HAC SA
Microchip no.:900202101061284
Sex:Intact Male
Rabies vaccination:Invalid
Combined vaccination:Valid
Age:3 to 12 months
Notice date:19/10/2021
Last date for reclamation :27/10/2021
Remark:Estrada de Hac Sá

If a captured animal is not claimed within 7 working days after the notification or announcement is issued by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), the concerned animal will be confiscated by the IAM, and it will be handled in ways which are considered appropriate by the IAM, including giving it priority in the search for a suitable adopter or terminating its life by humane means eventually.
Last update : 03/12/2021
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